Akame Ga Kill Season 2

Akame Ga Kill Season 2: Release Date + Trailer + Plot

Akame Ga Kill Season 2 will be launched soon. Your wait is over now here you’ll the information about the Akame Ga Kill Season 2. Also, we will discuss the Akame Ga Kill Season 2.

So, it is very important for you to read this complete article and get all information about the Akame Ga Kill season 2. What will be its release date in 2023?

Will Akame Ga Kill Have a Season 2?

If there will be an Akame Ga Kill Season 2 in 2023 and when it will most likely be released are two different questions.

The original material comes into play first, followed by the first season’s financial performance. Examine both in the future to determine if the Akame Ga Kill anime will ever be continued.

Akame Ga Kill Manga Season 2

Manga is used as the basis for the Akame Ga Kill anime.

How many Akame Ga Kill volumes are there?

There are 15 volumes of Akame Ga Kill as of December 2021. Additionally, Akame Ga Kill Zero, a precursor series with adolescent volumes, is part of the Akame Ga Kill series.

Akame Ga Kill Season 2
Credit: imdb.com

Is the manga series Akame Ga Kill complete?

The final volume of the Akame Ga Kill manga marked the conclusion of the narrative. The predecessor Akame Ga Kill Zero manga has also already come to an end.

On February 22, 2017, Takahiro (Mato Seihei no Slave) released the final volume in Japan.

When will Akame Ga Kill Volume 16 be released?

Volume 16 of Akame Ga Kill will never be released because volume 15 marked the conclusion of the series.

After the first season, where should I start reading Akame Ga Kill?

Volume 8 of the Akame Ga Kill manga follows the first season. But the manga tale is really different. The anime also had a unique conclusion.

Therefore, start with Akame Ga Kill manga volume 1 if you wish to read Akame Ga Kill in its best form.

Volumes 1 to 7 were adapted for the first season. If they didn’t choose for the original ending after volume 7, the second season would probably use 8 to 15.

Profitability and sales data for Akame Ga Kill

How well did the Blu-ray of Akame Ga Kill sell? For the first season, the Akame Ga Kill Blu-ray only sold about 2,150 copies of each disc, which is poor for 2014.

Less than 3,000 Blu-ray sales aren’t excellent, especially for 2014 when disc sales were important for the prospects of a new season.

The Akame Ga Kill manga’s sales performance. Volume 14 of Akame Ga Kill sold about 160,000 copies, while Volume 15 sold slightly more than 150,000.

Sales of manga aren’t that bad. However, it ought to be a little bit higher—nearer to 250K—for a series with an anime adaptation.

How many print copies of Akame Ga Kill are there? 3,500,000 volumes of the Akame Ga Kill series were in print as of December 25, 2017.

For an anime adaptation of a shounen series, that is a small number of copies in print.

How much Akame Ga Kill stuff is available? It’s bad that there are just five figures. Less than 150 pieces of products were produced for this series as well.

Those are quite a few poor ratings for a show that has an anime adaptation.

There isn’t a lot of merchandise available for this series, but have a look at this Murasame sword from Real Steel Replica. That’s really neat.

Release Date for Akame Ga Kill Season 2

The second season of Akame Ga Kill has no release date as of December 2021 because it hasn’t been confirmed yet, and it’s probably never going to happen.

That implies that Akame Ga Kill s2 will never have a release date, and the explanations are straightforward. Because of the profit, like the instance of Akame Ga Kill.

Due to the first season of Akame Ga Kill’s poor financial performance, the second season was never released.

A new season of anime will only be approved if the previous season was financially successful, which Akame Ga Kill was not, as we saw above.

Since business is the most crucial factor, it is frequently the main reason that many anime shows never receive a new season.

The fact that this series had a unique finish is another issue. That indicates that there was never any intention to make a second season of it.

And judging by how much money this series brought in, I’d say that decision was sound.

There are only two possibilities for a new season of Akame Ga Kill: either this series is rebooted or a second season is added to correct the anime’s original ending.

I doubt that will ever happen, though, given the dismal profit this series has generated for the production committee.

But with Netflix available, you never know.

So it’s simple to understand why this show was never renewed for a second season. Simply put, it was no longer worthwhile to support this franchise in any way.

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Trailer for Season 2 of Akame Ga Kill

There isn’t a trailer available for Akame Ga Kill seasons 2 or 3, but we’ll update this post if one is made available on the show’s official Twitter account.

On the other side, here is the first season’s trailer, which you should watch to relive the incredible music we received with it.

Akame Ga Kill Characters, Cast & Anime Staff

I. Characters & Cast

Character Voice Actor
Akame Sora Amamiya
Leone Yuu Asakawa
Mine Yukari Tamura
Tatsumi Souma Saitou
Esdeath Satomi Akesaka
Chelsea Kaori Nazuka

II. Anime Staff

Anime Staff Position Staff
Director Tomoki Kobayashi
Series Composition, Script Makoto Uezu
Character Design Kazuhisa Nakamura
Studio White Fox

About Manga

When Takahiro was invited to write a manga for Gangan Joker by Square Enix.

His concept of a group of all-female assassins and a youngster who is captured by them. The zine’s editor gave his approval to the concept.

After a few company-related setbacks, Takahiro was able to satisfactorily develop the world and the characters.

Tetsuya Tashiro was chosen by him to bring his figures to life. It was serialised in Gagan Joker starting in April 2010 and running through 2017.

Volumes English Release Date
Volumes 1 January 20, 2015
Volumes 2 April 21, 2015
Volumes 3 July 21, 2015
Volumes 4 October 27, 2015
Volumes 5 January 26, 2016
Volumes 6 April 26, 2016
Volumes 7 July 26, 2016
Volumes 8 October 25, 2016
Volumes 9 January 24, 2017
Volumes 10 April 18, 2017
Volumes 11 July 18, 2017
Volumes 12 October 31, 2017
Volumes 13 January 30, 2018
Volumes 14 April 24, 2018
Volumes 15 July 24, 2018

It quickly gained a lot of popularity among shounen enthusiasts in both Japan and the west.

The first tankobon was launched in August 2010 and fifteen volumes, each with 5–6 chapters, have since been published in Japan through February 22, 2017.

The manga’s “Special Volumes,” each having four EXTRA chapters, were published between October 27, 2014, and October 31, 2014.

Observing the initial release and the second release on December 25, 2017. Yen Press obtained the series’ licence.

The manga’s plot seemed to pique readers’ interest more than the anime’s adapted plot, which brings us to the crucial point.

The horrors, corruption, and wickedness perpetrated against the Capital are a major theme of the manga.

Those who have read the manga say it is a gory read. It’s a particularly tough read, especially the Wild Hunt segment (which the anime series omits for 20 pages).

Additionally, Akame refrained from fighting Esdeath.

To engage her in a 1v1 battle, she had to navigate a sea of Teigu-wielding Revolutionary Army soldiers.

The murder of Minister Honest by Leone is not a crime to be taken lightly.

It is extremely gut-wrenching and bloody. Additionally, the soldiers lined up receive a piece of Honest as a bonus.

Takahiro published Akame Ga Kill! Zero, a predecessor to Akame Ga Kill!, with artwork by Kei Toru.

Following on from Akame Ga Kill! Hinowa ga Yuku is a manga series that Takahiro developed.

Or Hinowa ga CRUSH!, with Strelka providing the artwork. The story takes place in Wakoku, a nation in the east. The main character of this series, Hinowa, is mired in turmoil.

Fans of the original plot will recognise Akame from this series.

The serialisation of Hinowa ga CRUSH! started in June 2017, and the most recent volume was made available in August 2020.

It is divided into five volumes, each having 6-7 chapters. Six Crush series chapters have not yet been made available in tankobon form.


It is unlikely that there will ever be an Akame Ga Kill Season 2, therefore do not anticipate a new season of this show.

The anime’s unique conclusion was the primary factor. That implies that no second season was ever intended.

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