Angel Beats Season 2

Angel Beats Season 2: Release Date + Trailer + Plot

Angel Beats Season 2 is still not officially declared, so it means that there is no release date for Angel Beats Season 2.” As the last season is ended and still producers and directors are working for the season 2.

Any time in coming month, the official date may release by authority.

Everyone is excited to know that how many volumes this season have like previous one.

The Angel Beats Season 1 is ended, so this question is raise among fans that when will Angel Beats Season 2 be released? The official trailer of the next season is released or not on any platform.

As we all know that the season official date is not declared yet but still have lot of questions that are surrounding in our minds.

How next season is for us and how many new characters will add in Angel Beats Season 2

Angel Beats Season 2 Release Date

The Angel Beats Season 2 official date is not announced by authority and producers.

There is no enough material about the next season of Angel Beats. So, they decided to keep it secret until they complete the season 2 in background.

Angel Beats Season 2

But there are lots of fans who want to know about the release date of upcoming series of Angel Beats. When the season was uploaded on platforms nobody knows that this season become popular in very short.

So, its fans are still waiting for the next season of this Japanese series.

Its first season is released in 2010 and till everyone is looking for the upcoming series. Due to first season popularity, the producers are still working on the next season.

You may also learn whether new seasons of other anime series are coming:

How Many Volumes are there is Angel Beats Season 2?

All the fans want to know that how many episodes are there in Angel Beats Season 2.

Their wait is not over yet because the authority not released information about this season. But the last season is consist of 13 episodes which are full of action and drama.

After sometime, first season got huge fans around the world.

In very short time, this season become popular among peoples because of story lines and reality.

There is no real or official trailer about the season 2 but some fans make videos about season on YouTube.

Last year, someone upload the anime series trailer as official but later it is proved that this is fake video.

A lot of questions are still in mind about this season and its story. Fans thought that producers will be adding some new characters in next season.

So they all were excited to watch the Angel Beats Season 2. For this, they visit different platforms but got nothing for there because this season is not released yet.

They all fans are wasting their times on different sites and platforms.

Is Angel Beats Season 2 Is Last?

The Angel Beats Season 2 is not released so it is difficult to say that this is the last season of this anime series.

In 13 volumes of this anime series, we can clearly watch that this season is not continue in future because the leading characters were not stay alive in last season.

From social media, the authority informed their fans that they are working on new characters and powers.

So, this is not confirmed that the Angel Beats Season 1 and 2 are last seasons of this anime series.

According to story, there is no reason to continue this series because story is close at the end of the season 1. But new story is may started in season 2 of Angel Beats.

So, there is hope that the next series is come out soon with new characters and story.

How Many Season Angel Beats Have?

Angel Beats Season 1 is released in 2010 on different platforms. People can watch that season on their devices using internet.

The people who already watch this season are waiting for the next seasons.

They may keep on waiting because the official release date is not declared.

In previous season, the main and leading characters have amazing skills and powers.

These abilities entertain people very much so they want to see the upcoming seasons.

Bur there is a bad news for those fans that the next might be come in this year.

Trailer of Angel Beats Season 2

If you are looking for the Angel Beats Season 2 trailer then the trailer is not released on any platform. But there is lot of fans who made different videos on the trailer of 2nd season.

So, you can check it on YouTube or wait for the official trailer.

Angel Beats! Characters, Cast & Staff


Character         Voice Actor
Kanade Kana Hanazawa (Psycho-Pass 3)
Yuri Harumi Sakurai (Fairy Tail: Final Series)
Hideki Ryouhei Kimura (Mo Dao Zu Shi)
Yui Eri Kitamura (Zoku Owarimonogatari)
Otonashi Hiroshi Kamiya (Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3)
Iwasawa Miyuki Sawashiro


Director Seiji Kishi (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, Carnival Phantasm)
Series Composition, Script Jun Maeda (Charlotte, Clannad)
Character Design Katsuzou Hirata (Ben-To, Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge)
Studio P.A. Works (Another)


Currently, you can confidently know about the possible Angel Beats Season 2 release date, and after it as fine we will also acquire an Angel Beats Season 3 release date as well.

However, when certain official information about when the new season of Angel Beats will release, I will update this article as next season of Angel Beats is released or officially announced.

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