Will There Be Citrus Season 2

Will There Be Citrus Season 2? Release Date + Trailer + Plot + Character

As Citrus Season 2 is still not officially declared, so it means that there is no release date for Citrus Season 2.

On the other hand, the query leftovers whether and when Citrus Season 2 will be released.

In Japanese language, Citrus is known as Yuri and this anime series based on a popular manga with the same name. It was first published in the year 2013.

The Citrus manga series was created and illustrated by Saburouta.

This anime series follow Yuzu Aihara as she is forced to transfer to another school.

However, Citrus is a romance Yuri anime series containing drama elements as well.

Yuzu Aihara was a fashion jetsetter and this is an opportunity for her to fall in love and experience their first kiss finally.

An anime television series Citrus has had only one season so far.

By Takeo Tahashi, it was directed and animated in Studio Passione.

Whether the director or studio will return to Citrus Season 2, it is not known until now.

In January 2018, the first 12-episode Citrus anime television series was launched in Japan.

Moreover, this series has gathered a lot of fan base, which is still waiting for Citrus Season 2 Episode 1 or some sort of consequence.

Is There A Second Season Of Citrus?

As Yuri series is hardly well-received, there are not many anime adaptations, so it is sure that Citrus Season 2 will never occur.

It was unluckily not an exemption. Also, the anime adaptation was not monetarily profitable.

Therefore, the second season of citrus will not be made.

However, Citrus did not make much money as well.

Blu-Ray sales of Citrus are about 1,100 copies per year, which is very short for any anime adaptation.

For this series, there is also almost no merchandising or figures.

There is no expectation for Citrus Season 2 as the manga is not selling fine.

For a new season of Citrus, there is still sufficiently of material to be modified.

Moreover, only four volumes have been translated so far.

It is estimated that one or two more seasons of this series could be animated from what is presently available in addition.

On the other hand, the possibility of a sequel to this series being created is nearly 0%.

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Citrus Season 2
Credit: imdb.com

Citrus Season 2 Release Date

Since there was no confirmation, annulment, or declaration of a second season, so Citrus Season 2 has no release date up to now.

Though, it is also very improbable that a release date will ever be declared as well.

I assumed that this series still has a chance to acquire a new season.

Conversely, I consider the likelihoods of it happening in 2022 are zero after looking at the sales figures and Citrus Plus’s performance.

For a second season, this series does not seem to be economically feasible enough.

I will post it here in the event that there are any updates or news for a new Citrus anime.

If you have loosen the hope that a new Citrus season will ever be produced, so you can start reading the light novel from volume 5 since the anime only covered volumes 1 through 4.

Citrus Season Characters, Cast & Staff

Characters and Cast

Character Voice Actor
Yuzu Ayana Taketatsu (Sword Art Online)
Mei Minami Tsuda (Guilty Crown)
Harumi Yukiyo Fui Bishoujo Senshi Moon Crystal Season III)
Himeko Yurika Kubo (Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai)
Matsuri Shiori Izawa (Made in Abyss)
Sara Hisako Kanemoto (Shokugeki no Souma: Gou no SaraD)
Nina Rei Matsuzaki (Cinderella Girls Gekijou)

Anime Staff

Director Takeo Takahashi (Aki-Sora, Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai)
Series Composition, Script Naoki Hayashi (Black Fox, Flip Flappers)
Character Design Izuro Ijuuin (Jingai-san no Yome)
Studio Passione (Rokka no Yuusha)

Where To Watch Citrus Season 2?

It can be watched on Crunchyroll or Funimation. However, you can also see it on Amazon Prime Video.

Currently, it is not available on Netflix USA or Hulu as well.


If Citrus Season 2 was to be announced many fans of anime would be happy, but this will never occur as well.

I greatly suggest reading the light novels as a second season will never happen in the event that you want to continue the story of Citrus.

I will update this post as soon as possible if any new news becomes available concerning this anime series.

You certainly find that if there will be a release date of Citrus Season 2 after reading this post.

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