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Will There Be Mieruko-chan Season 2 + Release Date + Trailer

For the second season of Mieruko-chan Season 2 anime series, there is no release date and has yet to be officially confirmed.

Will there be a season 2 of Mieruko-Chan and when is Mieruko-Chan Season 2 coming out? The question arises here.

Up to now, there is everything we know concerning whether or not Mieruko-Chan anime season 2 will happen in 2022 along with the possible release date.

In Japan, the Mieruko-Chan anime also known as 見える子ちゃん or The Girl Who Can See Them in some countries is based on a successful manga.

By Tomoki Izumi, the Mieruko-Chan manga series is written and exemplified as well.

It is no miracle that fans are asking if Mieruko-Chan will have a season 2 as Mieruko-Chan is a bizarre horror anime series with comedy elements.

Miko Yotsuya is the main character of this anime series.

Story of this anime series is about Miko Yotsuya, a student who has the unlucky ability to see dismaying ghosts and spirits that rendezvous her and those around her.

Miko makes every effort to disregard the presence of ghosts apart from this.

How Many Seasons Of Mieruko-Chan Are There? 

As there is only one season of the Mieruko-Chan anime, so it means that there is no season 2 of Mieruko-Chan so far.

Since there was not yet a movie or OVA made for the Mieruko-Chan series, the first season is the only thing you can watch.

In October 2021, the first season of the Mieruko-Chan anime with 12 episodes released in Japan.

This series has collected a great fan base that is still expecting Mieruko-Chan will get a Season 2 as well.

If you want to learn if Mieruko-Chan will return for a new season and the likely Mieruko-Chan Season 2 release date, so you need to continue reading.

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 Mieruko-chan Season 2
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Will There Be A Season 2 Of Mieruko-Chan?

On the off chance that there will be a Mieruko-Chan season 2 in 2022 and the possible Mieruko-Chan season 2 release date, we must look at two factors to determine.

Source material is the first factor and the second is how much revenue the first season created.

If Mieruko-Chan will have a season 2 or not we will now need to examine both.

Mieruko-Chan Season 2 Manga

The source material is manga for the Mieruko-Chan anime.

How Many Volumes Of Mieruko-Chan Are There? 

There are six manga volumes of Mieruko-Chan as of June 2022.

Is The Mieruko-Chan Manga Finished?

Mieruko-Chan manga is continuing, and the end is not in sight.

The series started just two years ago in 2019, it will be at least a few more years before it accomplishes.

On October 22, 2021, Tomoki Izumi published the latest volume in Japan.

Where To Start Reading Mieruko-Chan After The Anime? 

After the first season, the Mieruko-Chan manga is Volume 4.

Therefore, you have a look at Mieruko-Chan Manga Volume 4 in English if you want to continue the story from where the anime ended.

The second season should possibly use volumes 4 to 6 as the first season adapted volumes 1 to 3.

It means there is enough content for at least one more Mieruko-Chan season in 2022 in addition.

Profitability And Sales Figures Of Mieruko-Chan

How Well Did The Mieruko-Chan Blu-Ray Sell? 

In the first week, the Mieruko-Chan Blu-ray sold roughly 1,400 copies per disk. This is an incredible number for 2021.

How Well Does The Mieruko-Chan Manga Sell? 

About 70,000 to 80,000 copies were sold by Mieruko-Chan Volume 6.

We should see the real anime enhancement with the next manga volume.

How Many Copies Does Mieruko-Chan Have In Print? 

The Mieruko-Chan series had 1,000,000 copies in print as of October 18, 2021.

However, it is not in the best 300 most famous manga series of all time.

 How Much Merchandise Is There For Mieruko-Chan? 

Until now, there are no collectibles which is a disgrace.

For this series, there are also less than 75 pieces of merchandise made up to now.

Confidently, some figures and more merchandise will be declared in the future.

I consider it is clear now that this series did not dead duck and made some money.

If it made sufficient money for a second season, it is too early to speak.

On the other hand, it will be much easier to tell how well this anime sells in the next 3 to 6 months.

Credit: Twitter.com

Mieruko-Chan Season 2 Release Date

Mieruko-Chan Season 2 does not have a release date as it is not confirmed up till now as of January 2022.

Though, we should get some update about the second season of Mieruko-Chan in 2022.

For Mieruko-Chan season 2, the earliest release date is 2023.

It appears like this series sold decently as there is more than enough source material for a second season.

On social media, this series also looks popular, and even the official Twitter account has almost 100,000 followers previously.

It means streaming made some decent money for it, which is perilous for the chance of a new season in 2022.

We will have to wait a little longer to be certain as the series just ended, so a new season of Mieruko-Chan has a good chance of happening.

It takes about two years for a one-cour series to get a next season on average.

We should still get the Mieruko-Chan Season 2 declaration in 2022 although it is released in 2023.

With the first season, Studio Passione did a pretty good job, and they do not appear that busy.

Thus, I uncertain they would not have time for a new season in 2023.

If Kadokawa does not declare the second season this year or in early 2023, then it is not happening.

Mieruko-Chan Season 2 Trailer

There is no trailer for Mieruko-Chan season 2 or Mieruko-Chan season 3 to watch.

However, we will update if one gets released on the official Mieruko-Chan anime Twitter account.

In contrast, here is a trailer for the first season, which you should watch to remember how terrifying the first season of Mieruko-Chan was as well.

Mieruko-Chan Characters, Cast And Anime Staff

Characters and Cast

Character Voice Actor
Miko Yotsuya Sora Amamiya
Hana Yurikawa Kaede Hondo
Yuria Niguredou Ayane Sakura
Zen Toono Yuuichi Nakamura
Mitsue Takeda Ikuko Tani
Kyousuke Yotsuya Yumiri Hanamori

Anime Staff

Director Yuuki Ogawa
Series Composition, Script Kenta Ihara
Character Design Kadekaru Chikashi
Studio Passione


There is a good chance that Mieruko-Chan season 2 will happen as a conclusion.

We should definitely hear some update about it this year if that is the case.

On the other hand, as it takes time for a new season to be animated, so do not suppose the release date for the second season to be before 2023.

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