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Will There Be Blue Exorcist Season 3? + Release Date + Trailer

Will there be a Blue Exorcist Season 3, and when is it releasing? The query still persists in the minds.

We will answer whether or not Blue Exorcist anime Season 3 will occur in the year 2022, along with a possible release date in this article.

The first time it aired, Blue Exorcist was a great bang.

On manga of Kazue Kato, the characters of the action anime series based that are Rin Okumura and his twin sister Yukio, who was raised by their adoptive exorcist father.

In the year 2011, the first season of anime aired, while the second season released in 2012.

There is no release date for the third season of this anime series and the Blue Exorcist Season 3 has to be formally confirmed so far.

By paranormal elements and demons, the Blue Exorcist is a fantastic action series.

Rin Okumura is the main character of this anime series.

However, this is the character who appears to be a common adolescent, and the story is about Rin Okumura.

One day, when he is trapped by demons, his life is turned upturned when he understands that he is actually the son of Satan.

Up till now, the Blue Exorcist anime series has had in excess of 37 episodes through two seasons.

From April 2011 to October 2011, the first season aired with 25 episodes, and from January 2017 to March 2017, the second season aired with 12 episodes as well.

In addition, a movie and three OVAs are released in the year 2012.

Original ending took place for the Season 1, but Season 2 changed it in such a way that everything after episode 17 never occurred in the first season.

On the off chance that Blue Exorcist will catch a Season 3 and when the new season is releasing, as this anime series has many fans so they want to know.

As a result, in the case Blue Exorcist will have a season 3 and the probable Blue Exorcist Season 3 release date, it’s time to find out.

How Can We Figure Out If There Will Be Blue Exorcist Season 3?

In the event that Blue Exorcist Season 3 will happen, the most trustworthy way to figure out is to look at the source material status and whether the anime made good revenue.

It is also possible to convey 95% of the time from that info whether there are any ideas to continue an anime series and estimate the probable release date.

You have to read this article, if you want to know that there will be a Season 3 or even a Blue Exorcist Season 4 as I looked at that information for Blue Exorcist.

You will also know whether Blue Exorcist season 3 will be declared in the year 2022, along with the release date for Blue Exorcist season 3 after reading this post.

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Manga Of Blue Exorcist Season 3

In Japanese language, the Blue Exorcist anime is known as Ao no Ekusoshisuto, and is based on a successful manga.

By Kazue Kato, the Blue Exorcist manga series is written and demonstrated as well.

How Many Volumes Ozf Blue Exorcist Are There?

In Japan, there have been 27 volumes published for the Blue Exorcist manga series as of April 2022.

A spin-off manga that is focusing on the brother of Rin named Yukio. On April 3, 2020, the spin-off manga ended.

Will The Blue Exorcist Manga Still Going?

Sure, in the year 2022, the Blue Exorcist manga series is still ongoing.

On July 2, 2021, Kazue Kato published the latest volume in Japan.

As the manga is on an eight-month hiatus until April 2022, therefore there was only one new volume released in the year 2021.

In addition, for Blue Exorcist manga volume 28, there is no release date up till now, however Blue Exorcist should come back soon.

Manga Of Blue Exorcist After Season 2

After season 2, Blue Exorcist manga is volume 9. Volumes 1 to 4 are adapted by the first season, and the second season did volumes 5 to 8.

In future, you check out Blue Exorcist manga Volume 9 in English on the off chance that you want to start reading from where the second season of Blue Exorcist ended.

The start of season 3 is volume 9, and the end is probably volume 13 as every season of Blue Exorcist has used four volumes.

In the year 2022, it means that there is enough content for at least four more Blue Exorcist seasons.

Profitability Of Blue Exorcist For Season 3

As the anime series did not make enough money and profit and this the one of the reasons why 90% of anime series never acquire more than one or two seasons.

Therefore, it is critical to inspect profitability of Blue Exorcist and sales figures as well.

How Well Did The Blue Exorcist Blu-Ray Sell?

For the season, the Blue Exorcist Blu-ray sold roughly 12,700 copies per disk. It is fantastic for the year 2011.

Only 2,200 copies per disk were sold by the second season. For the English release of Blue Exorcist Blu-ray, this amount does not include.

It means it is about 80% fall, which is poor. On the other hand, between seasons one and two, there were six years, this is not normal.

How Well Does The Blue Exorcist Manga Sell?

The anime series Volume 26 sold 230,000 copies and the most recent Volume 27 sold only about 200,000 copies.

With volume 10, the Blue Exorcist manga used to sell greatly well, selling 730,000 copies.

In the year 2021, selling 200,000 copies is not bad. On the other hand, after the first season, it is still about three times less than the series used to sell.

After all, the second season did not raise manga sales in addition.

How Many Copies Does Blue Exorcist Have In Print?

The Blue Exorcist series have as a minimum of 20,000,000 copies in print.

In the year 2018, it had 17,000,000 copies, thus it should be more than 20 million in the year 2022 respectively.

Similarly, it is considered as one of the best 100 best-selling manga series of all the time.

As it is often on pause, the manga will possibly never reach the top 50 as well.

On a different series of anime, the author is presently working.

The writer said it is only half completed, but I would not be astonished to see it end soon.

How Much Money Did The Movie Make At The Box Office?

For the Blue Exorcist movie, the box office is 560,000,000 Japanese Yen or about 4.5 million dollars.

A box office of 4.5 million dollars is suitable for most anime films.

In the year 2013, Blue Exorcist was at its top of popularity and fame.

For such a big title as this series used to be, everything beneath 750 million Yen is likely not that great.

How Much Merchandise Is There For Blue Exorcist?

For Blue Exorcist, there are over 60 collectibles, but most are low-quality and bad versions.

The merchandise made for this series are also more than 500 pieces and it is a good amount.

Figures that are looking incredible are Rin Okumura DXF Figure and also cool Mephisto Figure.

In terms of getting merchandise and figurines, Blue Exorcist did fine.

Only issue for this is that maximum of it is from the first season, and only 20% is from the second season.

We can determine that the first season was profitable from the information provided above.

As the second season was not cost-effective so it is an issue for Blue Exorcist season 3.

Is There Going To Be A Season 3 Of Blue Exorcist?

In the case it occurs then the Season 3 would take the story onward and continue the anime from season two, but on the other hand season 3 of Blue Exorcist will perhaps never release.

It means a new season of Blue Exorcist will never be occur, and either one on Crunchyroll, Funimation, or even Netflix, the Blue Exorcist Season 3 Episode 1 will not be released.

For the query that why is the third season of Blue Exorcist never releasing? We should look at what happened to Blue Exorcist Season 3.

Blue Exorcist Season 3 Release Date

Since the second season was nowhere near as profitable as the first season was, so there is no Blue Exorcist Season 3 release date.

In the year 2022, this franchise makes less than 20% of what it did in 2014 or 2015.

The sales of Manga in the year 2022 are only about 30% of what they were in the year 2015, and for this series, no new Blue Exorcist merchandise has been released for years.

However, Blu-ray sales of the second season were also a calamity.

As there were no any plans to make a third season, so the official website and the official Blue Exorcist Twitter account are no longer promoting this series.

First season had an original ending and this is considered as the main reason for failure of this series.

Due to this reason, the second season released after six years of the first season.

Most series release new seasons every two to three years in order to keep the majority of their fan base.

Most series normally lose a lot of fans after passing this time period.

The second season was probably an attempt at something first before deciding whether to get involved in it.

As close to what the first season did, it sadly failed to attain anything.

You should not expect a release date for the third season of Blue Exorcist as a conclusion, because there will perhaps never be a Blue Exorcist Season 3.

On the off chance that there is any update or reports about the third season, I will update this post as soon as possible.

On the other hand, I do not think there will ever be a Season 3 in addition.

Trailer Of Blue Exorcist Season 3

As there is no third season declared so far in the year 2022, so there is no trailer for Blue Exorcist season 3 or Blue Exorcist season 4 to watch.

Characters, Cast And Anime Staff Of Blue Exorcist

Characters And Cast

Name of Character Voice Actor
Rin Okumura Nobuhiko Okamoto
Amaimon Tetsuya Kakihara
Yukio Okumura Jun Fukuyama
Shura Kirigakure Rina Satou
Mephisto Pheles Hiroshi Kamiya
Kuro Ayahi Takagaki

Anime Staff

Position of Anime Staff Staff
Director Okamura Tensai, Kouichi Hatsumi
Series Composition, Script Yamaguchi Ryota, Toshiya Oono
Character Design Keigo Sasaki
Studio A-1 Pictures


Now, I hope that you surely recognize whether there will be a Blue Exorcist Season 3 release date or even a Blue Exorcist Season 4 release date.

I will update this article as soon as possible on the off chance that there is any update or reports about the third season, but I do not think there will ever be a Season 3 as well.

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